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Natural Horsemanship –

How to communicate with horses !

No technique has any effect if you don‘t use it with the right energy.

It does‘nt matter how your horse is trained but communication among and with horses always follows the same  rules .

There are many Horsemen practising Natural Horsemanship like;

John Lyons, Pat Parelli, Buck Brannaman, Tom Dorrance, Linda Tellington-Jones, Monty Roberts, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling and many others.

Each of these Horsemen teaches his own style and method but they all follow the same universal rules.

Even if they teach various techniques, they all use their body language and their energy to communicate with horses (or animals in general like e.g. dogs like Cesar Milan). 

They‘ve learned that technique itself is useless if you do‘nt use it with a correct level of energy. Only acting  on the correct energy level, you will receive the results wanted.

We teach how to recognise the ernergy level of your horse and of your own, how to grow your own enrgy potential and how to use it the right way. You will learn to vary your energy level behind the techniques according to the energy level of the horse you‘re facing to communicate effectively.

You will not learn a kind of dressage or tricks wich work only with horses trained to it. You learn communication that works with every horse, everywhere.

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