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Horse Assisted Coaching

Be aware of your own behaviour and proof your ability for leadership. These are the main goals of Coaching by Horses.

Horses are neutral judges of human behaviour, you can not impress them with fancy clothes, titles or by playing games - they look into your heart.

Coaching by Horses: Horse assisted training of body language and leadership skills.

           „Horses mirror your performance“

This horse assisted method is supposed to reveal how your behaviour do influence

your fellow people.

Zentaur - BTI offers Horse Assisted Coachings as listed below:

  1. -Leadership Coaching to improve your leadership skills

  1. -Personality Training for adults and youths

  1. -Combined Sales- and Leadership Coaching peformed by skilled and experienced

   Sales Coaches

Coaching by Horses demonstrates in a very impressive way the meaning and effect of

body language and personality which still influences a main part of our communication. With the knowledge of the effect of your body language and your personal energy level you gain a better awareness of your leadership abilities.

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